Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder effects a number of children in care. It is a developmental disorder characterised by difficulties in social interaction and communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behaviour.

This page has been developed as an autism check list for social workers to help you to cover the basics. This page was initially developed for staff in Auckland therefore some of links will be Auckland specific - it will be updated over time to include national resources.

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Is there a diagnosis?

Get information

Link to a support group including cultural support pre and post diagnosis

Training courses including parenting

In-home disability and transition supports

  • Enrol with Auckland NASC (Taikura Trust) to gain access to in-home and transition services (not in-school), behaviour support, personal carers in home, respite carer support (informal respite option), choices in community, supported living and other services.

Education and early intevention



Access services below through GP:

  • Paediatrician and ASD Developmental Coordinator (DHB)
  • Infant and Maternal Mental Health Service (DHB)
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHs - DHB)

Private Counselling - Autism NZ list of private counselling providers

Social and recreation

List of Providers