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Working with the Care and Protection Resource Panel

Updated: 22 September 2013

What's Important To Us

Care and protection decision making is complex and consultation is the key. Meeting and talking with the Care and Protection Resource Panel is an opportunity to understand the community and what is available. This flow of information can help us to make safe and well-informed decisions.

This key information outlines the role and functions of the Care and Protection Resource Panel, how the panels assist social workers in their role, and what information to provide to the panel at a consultation.

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What are Care and Protection Resource Panels?

Care and Protection Resource Panels are statutory bodies under the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989. Panels are funded by Oranga Tamariki and comprise members from the local community who have professional, community and cultural knowledge and experience of children and young people including:

  • education e.g. teachers, school guidance counsellors
  • health e.g. doctors, plunket nurses, mental health workers
  • social services e.g. family violence, intervention workers, victim support workers
  • iwi social services
  • cultural advisors
  • youth services e.g. youth aid workers
  • Family Court e.g. lawyers.

Panel members meet as a group on a regular basis. Their role is to provide advice and support to social workers, co-ordinators and members of the police about care and protection matters and provide a process for review.

Confidentiality is crucial. Under the Privacy Act and Official Information Act provisions, information discussed in a panel consultation is private and confidential to the panel members and other people directly involved.

Site managers have the delegated responsibility of establishing and maintaining the Care and Protection Resource Panel. Membership is reviewed on a two yearly basis. Good working relationships are often supported by having a liaison person from Oranga Tamariki at a senior level who assists in ensuring smooth relationships and processes.