Caregiver support and review policy — Key information

Updated: 01 April 2017

What's Important To Us

Caregivers provide a valuable role in ensuring our most vulnerable children and young people are well cared for and safe. They are an integral member of the team of people providing care to the child or young person. It is important that we trust our caregivers and they feel valued and supported so that they can provide the best possible care for our children and young people; satisfaction with their role is central to retaining caregivers and to achieving stable placements. To show caregivers they're valued, it is important that we are supportive, inclusive, communicative and respectful. According to research, the single most important form of caregiver support is that provided by the social worker.

Oranga Tamariki must be assured that our caregivers have the continued ability to provide safe and appropriate care for our most vulnerable and at-risk children and young people.