Towards independence policy — Key information

What's Important To Us

Mokopuna who leave our care need our support to achieve the same positive outcomes as other young adults. When mokopuna of or over the age of 15 years leave care, we must have assisted them to acquire the knowledge, skills, resources and supports necessary to successfully manage the transition into adulthood. This means we:

  • explore all avenues of support available to them and connect them to existing services before they leave care
  • encourage and assist them to participate in planning
  • give them reasonable opportunity to freely express their views and take those views into account
  • provide a support person if they need help to express their views or be understood
  • offer support and assistance to them after they leave care if they request it.

Preparing to leave care from age 15
Outlines how we help mokopuna from age 15 as we plan their transition from care.

3 - 6 months before leaving care
This key information outlines the steps you need to take in the last few months before a mokopuna leaves care.

Support for mokopuna who have left care
Outlines how to respond to the needs of mokopuna aged 15 – 20 years who approach us for assistance after leaving care.

Assessing independent living arrangements for mokopuna in care
Outlines factors to consider when a mokopuna wishes to move into an independent living arrangement - effective consultation and the development of robust safety plans are crucial.

Young people developing financial skills
The Towards Independence policy states our position on financial support for young people in care aged 15 years and over. This key information identifies strategies for supporting a young person to develop their financial skills.