In response to COVID-19 Alert Level 1, we are modifying some of our usual practice approaches to keep our staff, tamariki and communities safe. Keep checking back for updates and new guidance.

Maintaining COVID-19 safe and aware practice during Alert Level 1

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Printed: 12/07/2020
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Recording requirements for disabled children and young people

It is important to capture data on the disabled children/young people we work with to gain a clearer picture of their circumstances and needs so that we can provide them with appropriate assistance. Data on any known impairment should therefore be recorded on CYRAS in the Person Characteristics box, located in Person Details screen.

How can disability be identified?

As part of any investigation or assessment it should be asked in a sensitive manner, whether the child or young person has an impairment. If the child or young person is unable to provide you with this information, ask their parent/caregiver/guardian. Where the child or young person or parent/caregiver/guardian answer “Yes” and are able to provide documentation (e.g. a letter of diagnosis from a medical professional), the impairment type can be entered into the Person Characteristics box.

Where a child or young person is thought to have an impairment but has not been formally assessed, with their permission (and the permission of their guardian/s) they should be referred to their GP for an assessment. Any impairment identified by the GP or other medical professional should be noted in the Person Characteristics box, with other important information highlighted in the comments section. A reference in the Persons Characteristics box to the particular assessment containing the diagnosis would be useful (for example, “see paediatric assessment dated 11/07/08”). A corresponding casenote should also be entered in CYRAS identifying the diagnosis.

Oranga Tamariki staff should not make any determination of impairment without a formal assessment.