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Printed: 28/01/2023
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Keeping our focus on mokopuna

Updated: 17 June 2017

What's important to us

Children and young people are the building blocks of nations and of all humanity (UNICEF, 2001). As such, we need to provide them with love, care and support so that they can grow up to be motivated, positive and contributing members of society.

Helping a child or young person to reach their full potential requires us to listen to them, maintain a focus on them and strive to understand them. We need to recognise and acknowledge the child or young person’s strengths, champion them to overcome any barriers that might prevent them from reaching their goals, and assist them to build their own network of support.

This key information outlines the importance of building and maintaining a child-centred approach in our practice, engaging with mokopuna, encouraging and supporting them to participate, and getting others on board to support the mokopuna.

It also provides guidance and practical information about how we can keep our focus on mokopuna.