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Printed: 27/10/2020
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Legal provisions for medical examinations

What's Important To Us

There are times when a child, young person, parent, guardian or caregiver may need a physical, psychological or psychiatric medical examination. It is important that these examinations are carried out by a practitioner who is qualified and appropriate to do that; that necessary consent is obtained and, in the case of a child or young person, that caring support and reassurance is given through the process.

During the course of Oranga Tamariki involvement, a child or young person may require a medical examination.

This key information outlines the three provisions of the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989 s53 medical examinations of a child or young person at the request of a social worker, s49 Court ordered medical examination and s178 medical, psychiatric or psychological reports) whereby a medical examination can be arranged for a child or young person.