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Printed: 26/01/2020
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Updated: 14 November 2013

What's Important To Us

The illegal manufacture and use of the drug methamphetamine (also known as P) is a significant contemporary social issue in New Zealand. It is important that we understand how this drug can pose a serious risk to children and young people, their parents/caregivers and unborn infants so that appropriate interventions can be put into place.

This key information discusses methamphetamine or 'P' including its side effects for both adults and children and young people who are using this drug, how it is manufactured, and how its use can affect an unborn child and the ability to care for a child or young person. 

It should be read in conjunction with the New Zealand Police and Oranga Tamariki Joint Standard Operating Procedures for Children and Young Persons in Clandestine Laboratories.

These procedures are the agreed working arrangements between the New Zealand Police and Oranga Tamariki when children and young people are removed from a suspected P lab. These procedures detail the specific roles and responsibilities of each agency.

Staff resource (non Digital Workplace): Joint Standard Operating Procedures

Staff resource (non Digital Workplace): Suspected drugs on a property during a visit