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COVID-19: implications for our practice

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Printed: 01/03/2021
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Multi-agency safety planning

Updated: 01 April 2017

What's Important To Us

At the forefront of our concerns is the safety and welfare of children and young people. We support multi-disciplinary practice as a means of securing safe care for children and young people. Concurrently important is involvement with family/whānau in planning and decision making to allow for flexible practice with family-led solutions. For children and young people admitted to hospital with a suspected non-accidental injury, multi-agency planning around how they will be kept safe from further harm happens prior to their discharge.

This key information will assist you when planning safety for children and young people leaving hospital.

A collaborative approach and multi-disciplinary process involving professional colleagues and the family/whānau is needed if we are to secure safety for children and young people.

You might also find Building safety around children and young people helpful as you work through this planning process.