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Printed: 24/10/2021
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Subsequent child — section 18A assessment by social worker

Updated: 06 August 2019

What's Important To Us

Evidence shows that past behaviour is often a good predictor of future behaviour. There is significant risk of harm to tamariki who are parented by someone who has had a tamaiti or rangatahi previously removed due to abuse or neglect, or who has been convicted of the murder, manslaughter or infanticide of a previous tamaiti or rangatahi in their care or custody.

The subsequent child sections (18A to 18D) of the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989 provide for greater oversight from the Family Court to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of tamariki when parents have had previous tamariki permanently removed due to abuse or neglect, or have been convicted of causing the death of a tamaiti they cared for.

In these situations, it is assumed any subsequent tamaiti these parents are caring for is in need of care or protection. In your care and protection assessment, completed through working closely with the parents, you need to decide whether the subsequent child is or isn’t safe with their parent. You then need to report this to the court.

This resource is designed to be used alongside the resources for Tuituia to help social workers complete a thorough assessment that will meet the requirements of the legislation relating to a subsequent child.