Legislative changes are in effect from 1 July 2019. We are introducing new ways of working with our tamariki, family/whānau and communities and new content is being added to the Practice Centre.

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Printed: 26/01/2020
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Working with professionals

Updated: 22 September 2013

What's Important To Us

When we are working with a child or young person and their family/whānau, we need to remember that we are never working in isolation; there is always at least one and often many professionals involved with the family/whānau at the same time. Such professionals can include but are not limited to the child or young person’s teacher, their GP, other health and education professionals involved with the family/whānau, support workers, counsellors, and lawyers.

These professionals, regardless of whether they have known the family/whānau for just a few weeks or for several months or years, can offer a great deal of information that will be really useful to you in your work with the family/whānau. They can give you an insight into the family/whānau situation that you may not have yet had the opportunity to see.

It is vital that we take every opportunity to engage with other professionals not only on a one-to-one basis but together as a group so that everyone who is involved with the family/whānau can hear information first-hand and add their own perspectives and thoughts based on what they know and have heard.

Vulnerable children and young people’s needs are multi-faceted, so services and supports from a range of agencies will help improve outcomes for them.

Working with professionals is a core part of our work and social workers play a key leadership role in bringing everybody together on a regular basis to share their knowledge, insights and ideas.

This key information provides details about how to encourage and enhance our working relationships with other professionals.