Legislative changes are in effect from 1 July 2019. We are introducing new ways of working with our tamariki, family/whānau and communities and new content is being added to the Practice Centre.

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Printed: 23/01/2020
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Assessment and decision making policy — Resources

Updated: 24 February 2017

Intake decision resources


Child Protection Protocol resources

Child Protection Protocol

Specialist child interviewing

Undertaking a mass allegation investigation

Tuituia resources

Tuituia framework and tools

Tuituia framework and domains

Subsequent children resources

Safety of subsequent children: International literature review. Anne Kerslake Hendricks and Katie Stevens, Families Commission Research and Evaluation Team, January 2012

Safety of subsequent children: Māori children and whānau: A review of selected literature. Fiona Cram, PhD, Katoa Ltd, for the Families Commission—Kōmihana ā Whānau , January 2012

Subsequent children — step by step guide (PDF 419 KB)

Subsequent tamariki — section 18A assessment by social worker

Subsequent tamariki — section 18B criteria

Other resources

Child/young person and family consult

"Home alone" and the supervision of children and young people

Key and co-social worker roles (PDF 141 KB)

Staff intranet: Neglect of medical care guideline - Schedule 3 of MoU with Police and DHBs

Overview of tools and processes (PDF 293 KB)

Practice triggers

SACs, Kessler and Suicide screens (SACS)

Safety and risk screen

The education screen

The Health and Education Assessment Programme (DOC 114 KB)

The Three Houses engagement tool

The Towards Wellbeing suicide prevention programme

Working with Māori: Te Toka Tumoana

Working with migrants

Working with Pacific peoples: Va'aifetu

Multi-agency safety plan (DOC 121 KB)

Towards well-being: Responding to the needs of young people (PDF 1 MB)


Infant mental health and child protection (Best Practice magazine)