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Printed: 26/01/2020
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Reporting and managing missing children and young people in care

Updated: 08 December 2014

What's Important To Us

When a child or young person is missing there is an increase in risk to their safety and wellbeing. Following extensive consultation with the Police, a nationally consistent process for reporting and managing missing children and young people who are in care has been developed to help keep track of this particularly vulnerable group.

This key information provides definitions and guidelines about our responsibilities when a child or young person in care goes missing so that there is timely, effective and consistent reporting.

It applies to all children and young people in the custody of the chief executive, including those in custody by way of sections 235 and 238(1)(d).

The term “absconder” is often used to refer to these young people when they run away, and Police have the ability to arrest the young person when found. Residential staff need to be aware of this information, and should refer to the Residential and High and Complex Needs Services for their specific management processes.