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Printed: 20/10/2019
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Undertaking a mass allegation investigation

What's Important To Us

There may be times when we find ourselves in a situation where a person has been accused of harming a group of children and/or young people in much the same. An investigation into allegations of this nature can be extremely complex. Careful and considered planning of each of the steps in the investigation along with involvement of key agencies ensures we deal with the matter safely, in a timely manner, and with the best interests of all the children and/or young people in mind.

When you think you may be dealing with a potential mass allegation, refer to the New Zealand Police and Child, Youth and Family Mass Allegation Investigation Joint Operating Procedures. These procedures are the agreed working arrangements between the New Zealand Police, and Oranga Tamariki in the event on a mass allegation investigation (MAI).

Staff intranet: New Zealand Police and Child, Youth and Family Mass Allegation Investigation Joint Operating Procedures

These procedures will be followed alongside the Child Protection Protocol: Joint Operating Procedures (CPP) on every occasions when dealing with a MAI.

Child Protection Protocol (CPP)

It is appropriate to apply these procedures to situations where a MAI is suspected until such time that it is established that the procedures are not applicable.