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COVID-19: implications for our practice

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Printed: 25/09/2020
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Working with general practitioners

What's Important To Us

General practitioners have medical expertise but may have little experience with Oranga Tamariki and our role with children, young people and their families/whānau. We should make sure that general practitioners have all the information they need to provide the best service to the children and young people we refer to them and this includes involving the child or young person's family/whānau and caregiver/s in the consultation process.

This key information outlines some key considerations when working with general practitioners.

It is extremely important that the child or young person's family/whānau and caregivers are involved in all matters and appointments relating to their child's health unless this places the child's safety at risk.

Engaging the child or young person's family/whānau will encourage their active involvement and investment in their child's health, and maintain family/whānau relationships even if they are no longer the day-to-day caregiver of their child. The child or young person's family/whānau have vital information about the child or young person's medical and family history and it is likely that they will be the enduring holders of family health information for the child or young person as they mature.

In addition, their attendance can be reassuring for the child or young person.