In response to COVID-19 Alert Level 1, we are modifying some of our usual practice approaches to keep our staff, tamariki and communities safe. Keep checking back for updates and new guidance.

Maintaining COVID-19 safe and aware practice during Alert Level 1

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Printed: 12/07/2020
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When a birthparent wants to discuss adoption

Updated: 01 July 2013

What's Important To Us

From the time we have first contact with a pregnant woman (maybe with her partner) who is experiencing ambivalence and uncertainty about her pregnancy we all need to keep the focus of the relationship on the needs of the child. Before we assume that adoption is the only option we will talk with the birthparent/s about their own life situation. We provide information in such a way that she/they feel free to act, either to continue pursuing adoption or to seek an alternative course of action. Assure birthparents that they are in control of decision-making and that we will not act without their knowledge and/or consent.