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COVID-19: implications for our practice

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Printed: 26/01/2021
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Planning living arrangements for mokopuna with permanent caregivers

Updated: 01 July 2016

What's Important To Us

Living in a permanent and stable whānau environment brings a critical element of predictability to the life of mokopuna, thereby promoting in them a sense of belonging and identity.

We know that stable and continuous care is important for natural and healthy child development. Mokopuna need secure and uninterrupted nurturing relationships with the adults who are responsible for their care in order to learn how to build secure attachments later in life.

It is much easier for caregivers to build and maintain a strong commitment to a mokopuna when their role is secure, they understand the needs of the mokopuna, and they have the right support when they need it.

This key information outlines how we support permanent caregivers to provide enduring care that enhances the wellbeing of Mokopuna.