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Printed: 25/11/2020
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Noho ake Oranga – permanency and enhancing wellbeing for tamariki in care policy — Resources

Updated: 24 February 2017

What's Important To Us

Tamariki achieve their greatest potential within whānau where they are safe, secure, and have a sense of belonging and connectedness. Tamariki in the custody of the chief executive have the right to stability of care, which provides them with this experience.

When it is not possible for tamariki to return to their parents’ or usual guardians’ care, we must find them a whānau where they will feel loved, wanted, and valued, and where their significant connections are maintained. Securing a permanent care arrangement for tamariki is the key to promoting their sense of identity and belonging.

Information for caregivers seeking guardianship and parenting orders when instructing lawyers (DOCX 160 KB)

Letter template for permanent caregivers seeking orders (DOCX 109 KB)

Permanent caregiver support service referral form is found in CYRAS (as a case note type under the Court Record and the FGC record).

Permanent Care Support Plan Guidance