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Printed: 26/01/2021
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Support and assistance for permanent caregivers

Updated: 01 July 2016

What's Important To Us

Caregivers have told us that effective support is crucial. Research tells us that effective support can help reduce caregiver strain, reduce placement disruption, and is a predictor of a positive placement outcome. In New Zealand, it has been found that although financial pressures are not a barrier to stability, they can contribute to high stress experienced by caregivers leading to placement breakdown.

Support for Permanent Caregivers is critical because:

  • mokopuna transitioning from care are particularly vulnerable and require ongoing support.
  • Permanent Caregivers need effective, responsive, and individualised support. This includes specialist assistance that is available both now and in the future.
  • adequate support for caregivers can help reduce carer strain and reduce placement disruption and is a predictor of a positive placement outcome.
  • Pro-active planning supports placement stability.

Decisions regarding the provision of support must be responsive to individual need, fair, consistent and based on the best interests of mokopuna.

This key information outlines the support available to permanent caregivers for the immediate and future needs of mokopuna in their care.