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Printed: 23/01/2020
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Adoptions pathway guidelines

Adoption work within Oranga Tamariki encompasses enquiries from birthparents considering placing their child for adoption, from applicants for local and intercountry adoptions, and proposals to adopt a child from within the family either in New Zealand or from another country. It also includes applications from adopted adults who want to find out about their birth family and birthparents who want to find out about the child they place for adoption. Adoption is the legal transfer of all parental rights and responsibilities from a child's birthparents to the adoptive parents. When this process is completed, the child's legal status becomes as if born to the adoptive parents. Access to the original birth registration is closed and a new one is issued in the adoptive name. Access to the original registration is only accessed under the provisions of the Adult Adoption Information Act 1985. The following sections provide a brief overview of the adoption process.