Children's Team approach

Updated: 07 September 2017

The Children’s Team approach brings together:

  • the child or young person
  • their family and whānau
  • professionals and practitioners who provide them with support and services.

Together they ensure intensive, timely and effective support to make positive change that meets the child’s needs.

The focus of the response is on prevention. It is proactive and future orientated. It addresses the causes of concerns to deliver preventative actions. It empowers the child and their family and whānau to lead change.

Why the Children’s Team approach

The Children’s Team approach is based on international evidence. A coordinated multi-agency approach ensures the child gets the support they need in times of need.

Find out how the Children’s Team operates

You can find more information about the Children’s Team approach in the operational manual.

Children’s Team Approach – Operational manual (PDF 14 MB)