First step towards a better Practice Centre

The past

When Oranga Tamariki was established last year, we took the chance to make some improvements to the Practice Centre. These included a refreshed looked, a better search and some added functionality to make long pages easier to read. 

Since then we’ve been working away in the back-end of the website. We’ve removed out-of-date content, fixed links that weren’t working anymore, and did some general ‘housekeeping’. Over the last couple of months we’ve also been working on moving the Practice Centre to a new modern platform.

The present

The Practice Centre you’re accessing right now is sitting on new technology. It doesn’t look different from the Practice Centre you’ve known for the last year. But an enormous benefit lies in the back-end for us. If you take a close look, you’ll see some minor improvements, but we’re keeping major changes for a later point. Using this new technology enables us to focus on the future needs for the Practice Centre. 

The future

We’ve kicked off the most important part of the Practice Centre journey. We’re finding out how you’re using the Practice Centre and in which ways it can be more valuable to you and your work. This redesign can consider the things you’d like to have in place and different ways of presenting the information. Once we know what you need, we’ll build a Practice Centre that meets your needs.