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Printed: 02/10/2023
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Assessment and decision making

This section contains information about building safety, complex needs, the education screen and the youth justice pre-family group conference case consultation.

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Caregiver assessment and approval

This section contains information about preparing a family profile for adoptive or permanent caregivers, and detention considerations (custody orders under section 238(1)(d).

Caring for children and young people

This section has key information and resources relating to working with tamariki where Oranga Tamariki has casework responsibility or under an open intervention phase (care and protection or youth justice).

Convening the youth justice family group conference

This section contains guidance about community work, working with victims, entitlement to attend a family group conference, extended care agreements and using section 261.

Creating families through adoption

This section contains information about in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) surrogacy adoption.

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Holding the youth justice family group conference

This section contains guidance about the completion and presentation of decisions, recommendations and plans, and differing positions.

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Professional supervision

This section contains information about managing and responding to dangerous situations.

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This section has information about casenotes and recording considerations.

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Seeking solutions with families

This policy focuses on working with whānau or family to develop solutions to respond to care and wellbeing concerns for their tamariki and rangatahi. It covers the participation of tamariki and rangatahi and using family/whānau agreements to support …

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When children and young people move (including overseas)

This policy outlines requirements when mokopuna are living outside their home country or travelling internationally. There is a new policy for casework responsibilities when our work involves more than 1 site – when tamariki are living outside their …

Working with children and young people in residences

This section contains key information and resources to support kaimahi working with children and and young people in residences.

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Youth Court

This policy describes the Youth Court process and our roles and responsibilities as required under the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989.

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