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Printed: 02/08/2021
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Last updated: 19/07/2019

Reviewing caregivers

All our caregivers (including section 396 provider caregivers) must have a regular review of their approval status and support needs.

What's involved in a caregiver review

We review our caregivers’ approval status every 2 years.

We also review them:

  • if they have a significant change in circumstances
  • if they wish to change their approval type, or
  • following an investigation or assessment of an allegation of abuse, neglect, or harm of tamariki by the caregiver.

Policy: Review of caregiver approval

The process for reviewing adoptive applicants while they're waiting for a placement is slightly different.

Adoptive applicant support and review

1 Meeting with the caregiver at their home

You must meet with each approved caregiver in their home.

Caregiver review meetings

2 Get feedback from others

You must also:

  • consult with the social worker of any tamariki placed with the caregiver
  • consult with other agencies working with te tamaiti.

3 Consider their circumstances

You must also consider:

  • their current circumstances
  • any changes in circumstances since their last review
  • the physical environment of their home
  • the details of any allegations or investigations.

Policy: Review of caregiver approval


4 Redo their suitability checks

This includes renewing their:

  • police check (including family violence check)
  • CYRAS check
  • medical report
  • referee check.

Policy: Review of caregiver approval

5 Write the review report

When the review is complete, a review report must be:

  • completed
  • recorded in CYRAS
  • approved by a supervisor.

Policy: Review of caregiver approval

After the caregiver review

6 Review their support plan

We have a plan showing how we're working to support each of our caregivers.

Support for caregivers