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Printed: 18/07/2024
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Practice framework

Last updated: 07/08/2023

Using the practice prompts

The practice framework utilises practice prompts which encourage you to check in with your thinking, your relationships, your planning and your emotional responses. They help you to deepen your understanding between yourself and the whānau or families you work with. The practice prompts are a supportive toolkit, helping to open up your practice thinking and inviting questioning about why and how you do the things you do. 

The practice prompts guide our engagement approach with tamariki and whānau or family. They can be used to:

  • help you engage with the practice framework
  • encourage you to slow down, pause and deepen your thinking when working with te tamaiti and whānau or family
  • check in at all key decision-making points, reminding you to check in and revise as needed
  • deepen your thinking about how to apply policy and use practice guidance
  • guide case consult discussions and cultural consults
  • guide individual, peer and group supervision discussions
  • guide individual supervision sessions, helping you to hypothesise, articulate your case rationale and unpack your decision-making
  • support individual and group conversations about learning and development needs
  • formulate coaching plans
  • structure team meeting discussions
  • inform future CYRAS developments
  • make more explicit the connections between our practice and the quality assurance indicators.

Prompts are used in a variety of ways on the Practice Centre to meet the different needs of kaimahi:

  • They provide a visual learning aid.
  • They promote thinking and reflection.
  • They promote depth of understanding.

There are general practice prompts – general prompting questions to encourage exploration and understanding of each of the practice framework domains.

There are context-specific practice prompts – prompting questions specific to a:

  • topic – such as whakapapa practice prompts
  • content type – such as policy
  • system – such as CYRAS.

General practice prompts

The practice framework domains and descriptors with their corresponding practice prompts.

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Practice prompts for whakapapa

The practice framework domains and descriptors with their corresponding practice prompts for whakapapa.

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