We modify our usual social work practice approach in the context of a measles outbreak to prevent the transmission of the virus.
Measles and immunisation

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Printed: 18/07/2024
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Practice framework

Last updated: 07/08/2023

Whai ākona

All tamariki/mokopuna, rangatahi and whānau deserve the very best of us, in our practice relationship with them.

Our practice is deepened when we continue to test, reflect on and develop our ways of being and working. This means we are self-aware, up-to-date, current and have the right supports around us. Challenging and supportive supervision and coaching encourages a culture of feedback, of noticing, responding and learning about our own and others’ practice. The pursuit of learning enables us to reflect, share, adapt and deepen what we do. Asking ‘Have I been effective? How do I know? What could I do differently? What am I learning?’ Reflective processes and approaches help us to explore ourselves and understand how our own experiences, world views, mātauranga, attitudes, values and emotions influence our mahi with tamariki/mokopuna, rangatahi and whānau. This is particularly important as we work in a statutory child protection crown agency.