Legislative changes are in effect from 1 July 2019. We are introducing new ways of working with our tamariki, family/whānau and communities and new content is being added to the Practice Centre. Check out our 'What we’re working on' section. We welcome your feedback.

What we're working on

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Printed: 21/09/2019
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Last updated: 08/11/2017

About our practice framework

The theories behind our practice framework, and information about how it fits together and how to use it.

What is the practice framework

The Oranga Tamariki practice framework is an overarching guide for practice.

Practice framework overview (PDF 226 KB)

Practice framework posters (PDF 995 KB)

Who uses the practice framework

Our practice framework is for everyone working directly with tamariki, their whānau (hapū and iwi) and their caregiving families. This includes practitioners working in prevention, intensive intervention, care support, youth justice and transition support services.

How to use it

The framework consists of practice standards, practice standards guidance and a knowledge and evidence base.

There is a self-assessment tool and a planning template to support implementation of the Oranga Tamariki practice standards.

Action plan — template (DOCX 387 KB)

Self-assessment — template (XLSX 85 KB)

Practice standards

These 8 standards provide the foundation for your practice.

See and engage tamariki

Ensure safety and wellbeing

See and engage whānau, wider family, caregivers and when appropriate victims of offending by tamariki

Use professional supervision

Work closely in partnership with others

Keep accurate records

Create, implement and review a written assessment and plan

Whakamana te tamaiti: Practice empowering tamariki Māori

Knowledge and evidence base 

The 8 elements of effective practice represent our core practice beliefs, behaviours and approaches. These elements are woven throughout the practice standards.

Mana tamaiti

Working effectively with Māori

Culturally informed practice

Collaboration and partnerships

Oranga whānau

Kaimahi ora

Prevention and wellbeing

Trauma-informed practice

Other frameworks

Te Toka Tumoana and Va'aifetu are frameworks that complement and strengthen the Oranga Tamariki practice framework.

Consider how you will weave the principles, values and knowledge within Te Toka Tumoana and Va'aifetu throughout each practice standard.

Carved entity of Toka Tumoana

The carved entity in the image is named ‘Toka Tumoana’. Te Toka Tumoana is a distinctive rocky reef formation protruding out of the ocean, often used as a marker to navigate safely into and out of harbour. In this context, Te Toka Tumoana is the name of our Indigenous and Bicultural Principled Framework (2013–2015) built on the integrity and distinctness of Māori beliefs/practices to advance mokopuna ora.

Working with Māori: Te Toka Tumoana

Turtle representing honour, responsibility, patience, faith and preservation of the environment

This artwork was gifted by a child in our care. The turtle represents the themes of honour, responsibility, patience, faith and the preservation of the environment.

Working with Pacific peoples: Va'aifetu

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