In response to COVID-19 Alert Level 1, we are modifying some of our usual practice approaches to keep our staff, tamariki and communities safe. Keep checking back for updates and new guidance.

Maintaining COVID-19 safe and aware practice during Alert Level 1

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Printed: 12/07/2020
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Last updated: 01/04/2019

Applying to be a caregiver or adoptive parent

We support applicants by helping them complete the application forms and answering their questions.

What's in the application pack

Applicants are given an application pack at the end of the Ways to Care information session. They can fill in the forms while at the session or take them away to complete and give back to a site. 

Preparing to be a caregiver or adoptive parent

Policy: Caregiver support

Application forms can be printed in colour at a site, or your site champion can order them through Bluestar.

The application pack must contain the:

Completing police vetting

You may also want to include the referee form:

The referee forms don't need to be included in the application pack, but you'll need to print or order these for the applicants' referees to complete.

Returning the application forms

When applicants return their completed application to Oranga Tamariki, the site contact will:

  • enter the application details into the relevant CYRAS record
  • contact the applicants to let them know their application has been received and will be processed immediately, and when the next Ways to Care preparation programme is.

We must have an applicant's checks and references before they can attend the Ways to Care preparation programme.

In rare situations they may be allowed to attend before their checks and references have been returned — ask your supervisor first. For example, this might happen to stop delays with the assessment process.

Preparing to be a caregiver or adoptive parent