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Printed: 22/09/2020
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Last updated: 17/09/2019

Caregiver allowances

These allowances reimburse caregivers for providing for the day-to-day care of tamariki.

Financial support entitlements

The caregiver support policy outlines which allowances caregivers are entitled to and when.

Policy: Caregiver support — financial support

Guidance about specific allowances

Caregiver allowance

The allowance contributes to the cost of:

  • food
  • general household items
  • heating and power
  • transport costs
  • phone costs
  • bedroom furnishings and linen 
  • general household goods
  • miscellaneous expenditure such as haircuts, personal hygiene items and toiletries.

Pocket money

The amount of pocket money is calculated based on the age of te tamaiti. It is paid to the caregiver in the caregiver allowance and it is expected that the full entitlement of pocket money is paid to te tamaiti by the caregiver.

Standard small cost payment

A standard payment of $20.00 per fortnight is payable to caregivers at the same time as the fortnightly board allowance to enable the caregiver to pay for additional small items the child or young person needs.

Small cost items could include:

  • a prescription charge
  • additional school stationery
  • a school outing
  • a birthday present for the child’s friend
  • something special to celebrate a child’s particular achievement
  • a regular cellphone top up
  • a hobby
  • a gold coin donation/koha.

If ongoing costs are using a significant portion of the $20.00 small cost payment, consideration must be given to reimbursement of those costs.

Larger costs items such as school donations and fees, holiday programmes, term fees for extra-curricular activities, will continue to be discussed as part of the financial planning for the child or young person in care. These payments must be approved by the budget manager and may be paid directly to the supplier.

Clothing allowance

All children and young people who are in a placement that is intended to be ongoing are entitled to a four-weekly clothing allowance.

The clothing allowance is paid to the caregiver in advance on every alternate fortnightly board run.

The clothing allowance covers:

  • a reasonable range of appropriate clothing
  • a travel bag
  • replacement of school uniform items.

Oranga Tamariki pays for school uniforms when tamariki in the custody of the chief executive start at school and require a uniform, or changes uniform within a school, eg between junior and senior school. This is in addition to the clothing allowance.

Replacement of uniform items is expected to come from the clothing allowance, where this is being paid, or otherwise as an additional payment.

Oranga Tamariki will, from time to time, make other payments to meet the reasonable clothing needs of a child or young person in the care or custody of the chief executive.

Tamariki who are subject to a temporary care agreement under section 139 of the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989 are not included in the four-weekly batch run. The decision to purchase clothing remains at the discretion of the site manager.