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Printed: 14/06/2024
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Last updated: 21/12/2023

Caregivers without a full driver licence

Caregivers (whānau or non-whānau) need a current full driver licence before they can drive tamariki and rangatahi who are in the care or custody of the Oranga Tamariki chief executive.

If a caregiver does not have a full licence

Caregiver Recruitment and Support (CGRS) kaimahi talk with caregiver applicants and caregivers about the need for a current full driver licence if they are to drive tamariki and rangatahi.

If they don't have a driver licence, or if they have a learner or restricted licence, CGRS kaimahi:

  • offer to support them to take driving lessons and book the required driving tests
  • talk with the social worker for te tamaiti or rangatahi and work collaboratively with them and the caregiver to develop a transport plan to ensure tamariki and rangatahi are transported safely until the caregiver gains a full driver licence. The transport plan is recorded in the All About Me plan and on CYRAS as a casenote and in the caregiver support plan.

What the law says

While a driver with a restricted licence cannot usually carry passengers, the law does allow them to carry certain passengers, like their spouse, parent, or tamariki or rangatahi who live with them and are under their care. However, this does not include tamariki or rangatahi who have a care status under the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989. Drivers with a restricted licence can only carry tamariki or rangatahi with a care status if the driver is accompanied by a person who has a current full driver licence and has held it for at least 2 years.

Drivers with a learner licence cannot carry any tamariki or rangatahi.

Part 4 (Learner licences, restricted licences, and full licences) of the Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Rule 1999

Exemption from learner or restricted requirements | Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency