We modify our usual social work practice approach in the context of a measles outbreak to prevent the transmission of the virus.
Measles and immunisation

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Printed: 19/05/2024
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Last updated: 24/04/2024

Resources about health and dental care

We can share health and dental care resources with parents and caregivers to help keep tamariki and rangatahi safe and well, and when tamariki or rangatahi are sick or have a health issue.

Advice from health experts

The KidsHealth website is a partnership between the Paediatric Society of New Zealand and the Starship Foundation, supported and funded by Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand.

How to access the information

One of the KidsHealth posters

KidsHealth has a set of posters with QR codes so that parents, caregivers and whānau or family can easily access information about health and dental care.

We can share this information during visits by:

  • downloading one of the files onto our device, or
  • printing a poster and giving it to the parent, caregiver and whānau or family member.

The parent, caregiver or whānau or family member can then focus their phone camera on the QR code and click on the link that shows up.

If they can't use the QR code, we can text or email the file or link to them.

We talk with caregivers about when a guardian's consent is needed and how we can help them navigate this.
Consent for medical examinations or treatment