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Printed: 22/10/2021
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Last updated: 17/02/2021

Review of caregiver approval

The requirements for the review of a caregiver’s approval status.

Upcoming changes for this policy

This content will be strengthened so it more completely reflects our commitment to practice framed by te Tiriti o Waitangi, based on a mana-enhancing paradigm for practice, and drawing from ​Te Ao Māori principles of oranga to support mana tamaiti, whakapapa and whanaungatanga. We each need to consider how we can apply these principles to our practice when reading this policy. The following resources provide support:
Practice for working effectively with Māori
Our practice shift

Who this policy applies to

This policy applies to all Oranga Tamariki approved caregivers.

When this policy doesn’t apply

This policy doesn’t apply to caregivers of a section 396 provider care partner, who are reviewed through the care partner.

This policy doesn’t apply to the review of adoptive applicants. For information about the review of adoptive applicant approval, refer to the adoptive applicant support and review guidance.

The purpose of the approval review

The purpose of the approval review is to assess the caregiver’s ongoing willingness and suitability to provide care. We must consider the caregiver and their household as a whole.

Who carries out the review

The approval review is carried out by the caregiver social worker in partnership with the caregiver.

We must also consult with the social worker of any tamariki placed with, or recently in the care of, the caregiver.