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Printed: 19/05/2024
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Righting the wrong: Information on working with victims

What's Important To Us

Members of the community may unexpectedly and unhappily become victims of offending by children and young people, and the family group conference provides the opportunity to put things right for them. While victims have an important role in youth justice family group conference, they are also ordinary, everyday people, who may feel wronged and by no fault of their own. The victim may have strong feelings about what has happened to them although experience has shown that they can also be very forgiving and generous. They also have vulnerabilities and rights which mean that Oranga Tamariki need to have a strong focus on victims' interests and support them through the family group conference process.

The most important reason for having a victim participate in the family group conference process is so that they can have their input into how the child or young person is held accountable for their offending. Children and young people who have offended may not see their victims as 'real' people. Having the victim attend and take an active role in the family group conference can offer a real challenge to the child or young person's view.

How to engage with the victim before and during the process and how to help provide closure for them.