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Printed: 26/04/2024
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Youth justice family group conferences: Completion and presentation of decisions, recommendations and plans

What's Important To Us

Family group conference plans should be individualised to each child or young person and address both their offending behaviour and their identified needs. The creation of each plan is the responsibility of the youth justice coordinator and is based on informed family decision making.

The family group conference is a legal entity and the record of decisions from each family group conference is a legal document. As such it needs to be presented in a consistent and professional format. The family group conference plan template and these guidelines have been developed with input from staff members within Oranga Tamariki including the legal team.

It is important to maintain the confidentiality of the family group conference and there is detailed information and direction on what is acceptable for inclusion in the plan and how to present non- and partial agreements.

Each family group conference is unique and therefore every plan will be different from the next in reflecting the exceptional circumstances of the child or young person. However there are certain things that a family group conference must address and these are discussed below.