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Printed: 18/07/2024
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All About Me plan

The All About Me plan addresses the needs identified through analysis of the Tuituia assessment. It has important information about each tamaiti or rangatahi in our care. This policy defines when the plan is needed and how we develop, maintain and use it.

When this policy applies

All tamariki and rangatahi in care or custody must have an All About Me plan.

Plans and legal statuses (PDF 151 KB)

Involving te tamaiti in the development of the All About Me plan

Tamariki and rangatahi must be actively involved in developing and reviewing their plan. We must take into account their views, aspirations, and any decisions they have made, and incorporate these wherever possible.

We must ensure that wherever practicable and appropriate tamariki and rangatahi are aware that the information being included in their plan will be shared with important members of their family, whānau, hapū, iwi or family group, their caregivers and other relevant people.

Tamariki and rangatahi must be kept up to date on the progress of their plan.

Policy: Participation of tamariki

Practice standard: See and engage tamariki

Guidance: Consulting about sharing information

Tamariki All About Me version of the plan

We must ensure tamariki or rangatahi are given the Tamariki All About Me version of their plan, in a form that is suitable for their age, development, language and any disabilities they may have, and check that they have a safe place to keep the plan.

We should where possible involve te tamaiti in developing the look and feel of their version to help them understand its content.

Guidance: Tamariki All About Me plan – child-friendly version

Policy: Participation of tamariki – providing information, ensuring understanding and incorporating their views