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Printed: 01/10/2022
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Last updated: 23/03/2022

Casework responsibilities when our work involves more than 1 site

When our casework involves more than 1 site, we must ensure tamariki, their whānau, and caregivers receive a continuous and easily accessible social work service.

When this policy applies

This policy applies when:

  • a report of concern is received and more than 1 Oranga Tamariki site is involved
  • cases need to be transferred between sites
  • te tamaiti is living temporarily outside their home area – for example, in a residential facility or at boarding school
  • a prospective caregiver or provisional caregiver lives in a different area from te tamaiti.

When a report of concern is received and more than 1 site is involved

Reports of concern are referred to the site nearest to the present location of te tamaiti.

When another site is working with te tamaiti, the supervisor receiving the new report of concern must contact the appropriate supervisor in the site where the open phase is located.

The site receiving the new report of concern has the responsibility to assess or investigate that report of concern.

Open interventions remain the responsibility of the original site unless the case is transferred.

Together, the supervisors must plan the response that best meets the needs of te tamaiti.

Case transfer process

Case transfer process

  • A supervisor in the originating site must verbally contact a supervisor in the receiving site to advise on the plan for te tamaiti and the reason for the transfer. Wherever possible, this must be completed before the move.
  • The supervisor in the originating site must then request a transfer through CYRAS. The transfer will include all case records and any paper files being transferred to the receiving site.
  • A supervisor from the receiving site must accept the transfer in CYRAS and allocate a key social worker within 5 working days of receiving the request.
  • The originating site must ensure that all of the records for te tamaiti are up-to-date (including a current Tuituia assessment and All About Me plan where relevant) and any outstanding tasks (including caregiver approval) have been completed before te tamaiti moves. Where this is not possible, outstanding work must be completed within 10 working days of making the transfer request.