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COVID-19: implications for our practice

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Printed: 15/04/2021
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Strengthening our response to unborn and newborn babies

Updated: 19 December 2019

What's important to us

When we are made aware of concerns for a baby before or soon after their birth, we have a unique opportunity to work with their families/whānau, hapū, iwi, family group and other professionals to assess parenting capacity and needs and implement a plan that will build a set of ‘eyes' around the baby and provide a multi-agency approach to safety.

We know that babies are extremely vulnerable. It is important that we look to the future and consider how the family/whānau will be supported to ensure not just immediate safety after birth but also the ongoing safety and wellbeing of their baby.

Practice leader oversight will focus on promoting work that is consistent with our practice standards throughout our engagement with te tamaiti and their family, whānau, hapū, iwi and family group. This includes the appropriate application of Te Toka Tumoana and Va'aifetū.

Supervisors will closely supervise cases involving unborn and newborn babies to ensure that the right decisions and actions are being taken at the right time throughout the assessment, planning and implementation process.