We modify our usual social work practice approach in the context of a measles outbreak to prevent the transmission of the virus.
Measles and immunisation

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Printed: 19/05/2024
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Last updated: 17/10/2019

Structuring content pages

Choosing a template and structuring the information in a new content page.

The basics

All content pages on the Practice Centre should:

  • have clear, action-based headings, to help staff skim the page when looking to solve a particular problem
  • be arranged in process order if an order exists
  • be broken up with subheadings, bullets and short paragraphs
  • link to the relevant section of related policies
  • have links to related guidance information and resources.

Choosing a template

We have various templates – for example, practice approach templates, policy templates and style guide templates. Our most commonly used templates are listed below.

Section template

Used for landing pages of 'Our work' subsections. These pages:

  • have a summary
  • contain automatically generated links to the pages that sit in that section
  • may contain content if there's a process overview that applies to the whole subsection of content.



Topic template

Used for topic overview pages. These pages:

  • have a summary
  • start with an introduction to the topic — what is this?
  • clarify the audience — when should you do this/who should do it?
  • include a process overview — how do you do it?
  • link to related policies, guidance information and resources.

These pages are a brief overview of the overall process for the topic — put detailed guidance information about particular points on separate guidance pages.


Care and protection family group conference

Guidance template

Used for more detailed practice guidance around a specific process step or nuance of practice. These pages:

  • have a summary
  • don't have a set structure
  • link to related policies, topics and resources.


Working with tamariki when allegations of abuse, neglect, or harm are made against their caregiver

Practice tool page

Uses the topic template.

Used for practice tools. These pages:

  • have a summary
  • start with an introduction to the topic — 'What is [name of tool]'
  • explain when it's used — 'When to use it'
  • clarify the audience — 'Who uses it'
  • include a process overview — 'How to use it'
  • link to related policies, topics, guidance information and resources.


Child/young person and family consult

Components of content pages

There are several components you can use to make your content easier to read and understand, such as page summaries, process blocks, accordions and links.

Components of content pages