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COVID-19: implications for our practice

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Printed: 25/10/2021
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Last updated: 17/10/2019

Imagery and icons

This page outlines the areas of the site where icons and images are needed and their specifications.

Home page icons

The home page 'quick links' section uses icons to help with wayfinding and to build familiarity through the site. 

These icons are provided by the Oranga Tamariki design team. If more icons are needed, contact the design team.


Icons will display at 36px on the home page panels. They must work on both the standard white background and the blue background that shows when a user hovers, so we recommend the $brand-dark-blue line colour and a white background in the circle. All of these icons should be contained within a circle.

A home page icon showing against different background colours

Example of a home page icon displaying clearly with the standard white background and the blue hover background.

Practice standards tohu

The practice standards tohu are used to link the practice standards to the tohu used throughout Oranga Tamariki communications.

We use a violet version of the tohu on the practice standards landing page — this is scaled to 100px high regardless of width and uses varying opacities of $brand-violet.

Practice standards

All imagery

When adding images to the Practice Centre, you must consider their accessibility for all users and assistive technologies. Important content should never be contained only in an image.

All images should have alt text. Alt text is a short description that explains the image for people who can't see it.

Complex images like flowcharts or diagrams must be accompanied by a text description.

Image block example


Image description

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